How does a humorous cowboy show mixed with a gospel message minister to inmates? The answer is best expressed by the inmates themselves.

We dont laugh much in here and it was a real blessing to have a gut wrenching laugh again.

Ive seen your show four times and look forward to your coming each year. Thank you for being so faithful to Gods calling and for caring for us.

All I wanted for Christmas was to laugh. Ive only laughed twice this year, in May and in August. I had a real gut wrenching laugh. Thank you! You are an answer to prayer.

That was the funniest show Ive ever seen and your message spoke directly to my heart, God bless you for caring.

I wont be seeing you in here again. Im getting out but I want you to know Ill never forget you and your messages.

The above 80 minute DVD of our prison show can be purchased directly from CCM for $15, s&h included.