Founder and Executive Director Fred G. Ellis

Fred has been giving the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and performing humorous cowboy shows for over 20 years. “In my mind there are only two ways to escape the problems of this world. One is to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. Two is to attend a wholesome family style show packed full of humor. The big difference might be a humorous show brings joy in this life. Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior brings a joyous eternal life.” God gave Fred a unique and down to earth way of presenting the gospel to folks of all ages. His gospel message is straight from the Bible and he will be first to say the God of the Bible is not the big trail boss in the sky. He is the God of creation, the beginning and the end. He is not a cowboy.
President Tim Nolting

Tim is one of the finest wordsmiths you will ever hear. God gifted Tim with a talent to put words together so your mind can paint pictures with them. He is an award winning columnist, polished speaker, wonderful entertainer and a man who loves the Lord. Tim pays attention to details, investigates all aspects and prayers before he acts. Fred has often referred to this mild and humble man as one he would ride the river with.
Vice-President Jeff Anslinger

Twenty years ago a young man asked Fred if he would give him some advice on writing cowboy poetry, thus started a special friendship between the two. Jeff’s unyielding Christian beliefs and ability to communicate makes him a valued member of the team. Jeff speaks at many agricultural events, performs cowboy poetry and gives the gospel at various churches.